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Spartan athletics

Lakeview High School & Middle School


Spartan athletics

Lakeview High School & Middle School

Spartan athletics

Lakeview High School & Middle School

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5 months ago @ 8:35PM

New Revenues Structure for 2018-19

Spartan Athletic Families,

2017-18 was another great year for Spartan athletics.  Our programs continue to grow with over 800 middle school and high school students participating in one or more of the more than 60 teams in 21 sports offered by Lakeview schools.

While we have much to celebrate in terms of student and team accomplishments, we also have experienced a few challenges.  Our two primary funding sources for athletics are ticket sales and pay-to participate fees.  Over the last few years, decreasing ticket sales and pay-to-participate fees and increasing transportation and supply costs have resulted in a budget shortfall.  

In order to balance the athletic budget going forward, we must decrease expenses and increase revenues.  To accomplish this, we will make the following changes effective for the 2018-19 school year:

  • The family pass program that was piloted this year will return to a system similar to punch passes.  Instead of an annual family pass, we will offer season ticket books with discounts based on the number of tickets purchased.   Specific details will follow soon.
  • A few years ago we decreased pay-to-participate fees.  Starting next fall, the pay-to-participate fee for high school athletes will return to $75 per sport with an individual max of $150 and a family max of $400 per year.  The middle school fee will be $60 per sport with an individual max of $120 per year.  Note that the individual max means that three sport athletes have their fee waived for their third sport!  There will also be a one-time per year $5 processing fee per student.
  • In 2016, we brought back two-way transportation.  Next year, with a few exceptions, we will move back to one-way transportation for events within 30 miles.  Teams will still have the opportunity to use booster money to continue two-way transportation, and we will seek donors to sponsor teams for full trips.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support as we work to be fiscally responsible and meet the needs of our Spartan athletes.  Please feel free to contact the Athletic Office with any questions. 


Zac Stevenson
Athletic Director
Lakeview School District

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